We’re Chess and Language Academy

The idea of opening a Chess and Language Academy was born in 2017 when co-founder, Adrian Randazzo, visited co-founder Paola Randazzo in Australia, in the Northern Rivers and they noticed that both their passions were present but not united and not widely accessible.

Adrián is a FIDE Chess Master and FIDE Chess Trainer with more than 20 years experience in teaching chess at different levels.

Adrian’s passion for sharing his chess experience and love for Australia after visiting in 2017, contributed to the creation of CLA. Whether you want to develop your memory or improve your concentration, learn with a Grandmaster, International or FIDE Master, compete in tournaments, focus on your openings, middle games and end games, or become a chess coach, CLA is here for you.

Paola is a translator and interpreter, Spanish-Italian bilingual with more than 10 years experience in language tutoring.

The language school was a dream that came true, connected to Paola’s life path, travels, studies, and passions. If you are travelling abroad, you have foreign relatives, your partner is from another country, you are studying a foreign language or you moved to Australia and want that your children continue learning your native language, CLA is here for you.

We truly believe in the learning benefits that chess and languages provide to our brains such as, communication, memory, listening, creativity and problem solving but also, multi-tasking, decision making and lateral thinking. They both require hard work, daily practice and motivation. This is why we are here, excited to be part of your learning journey, getting you ready to make decisions, find solutions and contribute to the multicultural society in which we belong.



Our mission is to enhance and support lifelong learning of students of all ages through chess and languages courses.



We want to improve the overall level of chess played and levels of languages spoken in Australia, and help foreigners to overcome English difficulties through practical conversation lessons and gatherings.



Our vision is to have a community that is prepared for a multicultural world, where people are able to communicate without a language or culture barrier.



Where our students will be ready for success in their future academic studies and in the workforce, able to make decisions, finding solutions, and becoming lifelong learners and contributors to society.